Relatively decent web dev

The Cube Server

I worked as an official developer over at The Cube for about a year, eight months of which I was dedicated to rebuilding the website. When I started the project I was still very new to web development so I stuck to basic bootstrap elements with few changes to styling. This can still be seen on the final version of the site.

I was given a design to work from and made a few minor changes myself, either due to technical challenges I encountered or simply because it looked awful. I was the only one working on the project aside from design input from the community. The code throughout the project is very messy and heavily commented.

I have created other apps for The Cube along with their website, such as a blacklist system and I helped implement multiple other systems such as the forums, server management tools etc...

I enjoyed working at The Cube for a long time, but decided it was time to leave in June 2015. By that time I had a very senior role in the staff team, administrating one of their servers while still developing and working in the PR department. After being there so long I could clearly see the corruption that had been festering within and some people had much more power than should ever be handed out to a single person. With all these factors put together, along with needing to make time for other work, I left all my positions at The Cube and made a dramatic exit with an exciting YouTube video posted into the staff chats.

About a month after my resignation there was an 'executive' decision to remove me from the community entirely (I had still been sticking around as a player, although I wasn't as active as before). There were multiple members in the staff team leaking information to me and the best way to stop it from happening in the senior staff's eyes was to get rid of me, not the leakers. Either way I am glad to be away from that community. It had turned from a friendly corner of the internet to escape life and its worries, to an argumentative, stressful and frightening place to be.

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