Relatively decent web dev


Hydroxium is a small gaming community I started up back in late July 2015 along with a friend of mine. I worked on the website side of the community, while my friend worked on the gameserver side.

The community hasn't really picked up and we have been trying to boost popularity. However it seems the community has been classed as a 'hate group' by others due to their prejudice against myself and other members of the community.

Of course we try to keep the community peaceful and open to all, but it's difficult to trust certain people. The servers are still open, currently and we are definitely welcoming of any criticism and feedback, but will turn away the trolls and griefing teams.

For this project I decided to move away from Bootstrap and look into another framework. I came across Materialize CSS and decided it was the correct framework for the task. Looking back, I disagree. I have come to the realization that the more a framework does, the less useful it is. Frameworks should be what they're called, not some over the top masterpiece that attempts to do everything you need right off the bat. Those frameworks are overly complicated and are awful for any type of customization.

If I ever get round to rebuilding the site, I would definitely use a lighter framework such as Bootstrap or Skeleton CSS, but my hope in the project is dwindling and I don't expect it will last much longer as I am running out of money to fund the project and no one seems to be too interested in it anyway...

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