Server Rules

Deathmatch rules

  1. RDM is not allowed (Random Death Match), this means randomly killing people is not allowed.
  2. CDM is not allowed (Car Death Match), this means you cannot kill people with your vehicle, even with a reason.
  3. Propkill is not allowed, this means you cannot kill people with props.
  4. Detonating a nuclear device (Davy Crockett) is not allowed unless under explicit permission from the server owner.
  5. KOS on certain jobs is not allowed, as this breaches meta-gaming rules.
  6. Killing because of information obtained via meta-gaming (information your character could not know) is not allowed.
  7. Do not kill other members of law enforcement while being a member law enforcement.
  8. Do not suicide if you arrested and/or in a RP situation

Illegal Activities

  1. You must wait 5 minutes until doing another illegal activity (Same or different).
  2. Government raids need a valid RP reason. (You ned to have seen the actual crime, before taking action)
  3. You have to follow FearRP, this means you need to fear dangerous situations (you cannot attack the attacker during a mugging, Except if you already have your gun out. Before he/she adverts the Mug.)
  4. Do not raid as a Gundealer, Drug Dealer, Citizen, Hitman, Hooker, Black Market Dealer, Doctor, Staff on Duty or any other 'Civilian' job.
  5. Do not scam, you must give them the thing they paid for.
  6. You are not allowed to place props whilst raiding.
  7. You can only ask for $3000 during a mugging.
  8. Black Market Dealers or Gundealers cannot base with anyone.
  9. Rebels, Gangsters and the Mafia are all rivals, they hate each other.
  10. You are not allowed to start wars with anyone
  11. All illegal activity requires advertising, for example /advert Mug, or /advert Raid.
  12. Do not mug as Gundealer, Drug Dealer Citizen, Hitman, Hooker, Black Market Dealer, Doctor, Staff on Duty or any other "Civilian" job.
  13. When kidnapping someone, you may only ask for up to $10000 and you cannot leave the kidnapped person alone.
  14. Do not rape people in public
  15. Do not raid, if the player you're raiding has a "building" sign.
  16. No carjacking other players when they are spawned in at a car dealer straight away.
  17. When you advert raid you need to be at their front door not down the road or a mile away.

Other Illegal Activities

  1. Raid - Raiding a property. You kill the people inside and steal their stuff
  2. PD Raid - Raiding the PD (Police Department/Police Station)
  3. Mug - Holding someone up at knife/gun point to make them give you money
  4. Steal - You are going to steal an item, such as a shipment
  5. ATM Hack - You hack an ATM for money.
  6. Carjack - You're going to steal someone's vehicle.
  7. Hit - When you complete a hit, you must do /advert Hit Complete
  8. Terrorist Attack - Do /advert "Terrorist Attack", then you can shoot one grenade bullet whatsoever to 1 guy or 1 bunch of people. Then the terror is over. Then you must wait 10 minutes before doing it again

Law Enforcement

  1. Before you can search someone's house, you need a search warrant
  2. Do not farm or use Illegal items (Printers etc.) as law enforcement
  3. Do not steal cars as law enforcement
  4. Do not RDA (Random Arrest) you cannot arrest someone without a reason
  5. You are only allowed to shoot wanted players if they attack you or try to run away
  6. Do not baton rush. This means that if you are trying to arrest someone and they shoot at you, you must shoot back
  7. You can't have fading doors in the PD.
  8. Having a law that makes the players unable to walk on the road, is not allowed

Base Building Rules

  1. You are not allowed to have more than four fading doors which are used as fading doors, fading doors which are not used as doors are allowed (covering printers, windows etc).
  2. "KOS" signs and "building" signs are not allowed on the same base
  3. Don't building as Guard, only if you are to assist the man you're guarding.
  4. Don't build on roofs' that staff use for sits
  5. Don't have printers or any other illegal items, while having a building sign
  6. Don't put a fading door in front of a normal door (unless the fading door is toggled)
  7. You acnnot have two fading door infront of each other
  8. You are not allowed crouch bases
  9. Do not have Loitering signs
  10. Don't base as: Any Law Enforcement/Terrorist/Hotel Owner/Medic/Bartender/Taxi Driver/Hitman/Piano Player/ATM Hacker
  11. Do not make one way shooters
  12. Mafia, Bloodz, Cripz, Saints, Rebels & Thieves cannot base together. Thieves & Freerunners may base together. All named 'organisations' must stay together and base together

Other Rules

  1. Do not place random hits. You musth ave a valid roleplay reason
  2. Do not prop abuse, propkill, propclimb, or use prop elevators/ramps to get to other places
  3. If you are being raided, you cannot go back to your base until the raid is over
  4. Do not backseat administrate. You're not allowed to make someone wanted or demote for "RDM, CDM, Propkilling"
  5. Do not abuse fading doors
  6. Do not use disturbing/gore/porn sprays
  7. Do not block off big areas of the map
  8. Do not build doomforts, for example a doorway with one way shooters so you can shoot the raiders easily but they can't shoot you
  9. Do not make tunnels where you can shoot people#s heads
  10. Do not argue in OOC, or speak in caps. You'll get kicked!
  11. Do not spam car horns
  12. Do not mic spam (playing music through your microphone, screming constantly etc)
  13. You must own all the doors in your base
  14. Do not bend the rules, follow the spirit of the rules
  15. The staff's word is law, however they themselves cannot break the rules
  16. When building, have a building sign. So people can't raid you
  17. When AFK you may place a "AFK" text screen outside your base meaning people must not raid you, you may not have printers but shipments are allowed to be kept, if seen using this sign when not AFK you will be warned
  18. Hobos are not allowed to have guns, only Crowbar
  19. Don't disrespect people, be nice and have fun
  20. Giving away more than 500k in-game cash will lead to an permanent ban
  21. Multiple Advert, is not allowed
  22. You cannot no-collide vehicles
  23. Medics are only allowed to have a Pistol
  24. Do not Camera abuse (using a camera to look into blocked off bases)
  25. As a gun dealer, you are allowed a pistol for self defense
  26. Going AFK to farm hours is not allowed
  27. You can only block off the Casinos, if you are a Bartender